Structural restoration

All furniture over time suffers movements and degradation of the wood that make its use difficult. It takes care that all doors and drawers work properly and that the entire structure is firm as it should.

We do anti xylophagous treatments and consolidation of the pieces that require it.

Wood and veneered furniture

In addition to structural repairs, exposed wood furniture may require: deep cleaning of dirt accumulated over time, cleaning of varnishes in precarious or yellowish conditions, repair or replacement of veneers, covering woodworm holes , and new finishes with shellac, wax or other varnishes.

Polychrome furniture

Some furniture was already conceived to be painted originally. In this type of furniture we always take care to maintain the original painting and starting from this premise we do the cleaning, the structural work and the pictorial reintegrations necessary for a good finish.


Pieces finished in gold leaf or painted gilt are restored according to the needs, putting new gold leaf where necessary, or with the different techniques of waxes, few or paints necessary to make it regain its initial appearance but always seeking to respect the color of the patina created by time.

Furniture recovery and transformation

If you have a piece of furniture with personal value, or you want to recover a piece of furniture found or bought second hand, we can make color adaptations or slight structural variations so that it can be part of your decoration and your new needs.

Upholstery, grid, rope and enea

In addition, if you have chairs, sofas, armchairs or any type of furniture that needs a change of upholstery or if you simply want to give it a new look, you just need to bring us the fabric and we do everything the job! We also do grid repairs and fabric of enea.

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